Hey, I'm Kristen!

I've been designing and playing with computers since I was big enough to sit in a computer chair. Thanks to my penchant for design and technology, I have always taken on extra volunteer work in all stages of my life in order to fulfill design roles. When I'm practicing design, I never actually feel like I'm working.

In university, I studied linguistics and teaching because I wanted to travel to Japan and be an English teacher but now that I've accomplished this, I've realized that I enjoy my days the most when I'm free and can dedicate my time to designing. In particular, product design really speaks to me because I enjoy using my knowledge and empathy to create useful things.

In my spare time, I'm usually marathoning Tetris or updating my bullet journal to stay organized. I also play guitar and bass and get way too much enjoyment out of solo karaoke.

I’m not currently seeking employment, but let's chat anyway!
If you'd like to get in contact with me, please use the form here
or send me an email at kristen@kgranieri.com.
Hope to talk to ya soon!