Project Type

Product Design (UX research, UI design)

Project Length

February 2019 - present
This project is a work in progress.

Team Roles

Kristen - Product Design
Steven - Graphic Design, Brand Identity

The Problems:
People need easier ways to find ethical donation centers

Anyone who has been online this year has experienced the growing trend of tidying up. As more and more people are seeking to organize and give away the things that no longer spark joy in their lives, the desire for ethical rehoming of items has risen.

The problem occurs, as I noticed, when you take to Google Maps and search for "places to donate clothes." The first places to show up are all for-profit locations. As I will show later, my research confirmed the idea that people want to support places which are not-for-profit, as they know that their practices are better for the environment and humanity.

Sharity is an app that seeks to connect it's users with truly ethical non-profits within their community in order to increase the number of donations and allow people to support the causes they believe in.

People don't know where and how to donate to local charities

According to a study done by industry experts in User Experience Research, the Nielsen Norman Group, users of non-profit websites had significant difficulty finding information regarding non-monetary donations. The result of this problem is that users must search several non-profits before they can find a sufficient place to donate their items. This takes up a lot of time and effort and could possibly encourage the user to find a more convenient solution, such as throwing away the items or taking items to a for-profit center with easy drop-off.

Expected User Flow

Made Decision to Donate

"What am I going to do with all this stuff... I guess I should donate them. It's all still good. Where should I donate, though? I want to make sure it's a good cause."

Search by Items

"Ok, so I have some baby items and clothing to donate. It looks like a few places in my area are in need of these items. Lemme check these out and choose one.

Compare options

"I love this place but they're closed right now and I really need to finish this today. I should look at other options. This place is really close and open now. I'll go there."

Visit Location

"Oh, that's it! I recognize the building from it's picture on the profile. It said to drop off the stuff at the side entrance. I'm so happy that I found this place!"

Understanding Users:
To begin the design process, I set out to better understand my users.

I created a survey to get ideas and input from potential users. I gathered demographic information, and then asked about donation habits: how often they donate, what they donate, and where they prefer to donate. The following are a few examples of the results of this survey.

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